Prostate Cancer Support Group

It is a great privilege in setting up a support group to help patients and families diagnosed with prostate cancer. Out heartfelt thanks to the Chairman of Burton Albion Football Club, Ben Robinson who again has offered valuable resources to get the support group going. In our first meeting, we had 25 men and their partners Continue reading

Collaborative working for prostate screening

I must say that when we first thought about screening for prostate cancer working with Burton Albion Football Club that we would get any response in what is a taboo subject for many men.  A few months later, I am astonished at the success of the campaign as more and more men are volunteering for Continue reading

Awareness Campaign of the Year Award

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is so pleased to win the Awareness Campaign of the Year Award for its work on highlighting prostate cancer. The award was presented at the annual Burton Albion Community Trust (BACT) awards. Branded “A night to inspire,” the event took place at the Pirelli Stadium showcasing the great work BACT Continue reading

BBC West Midlands

I must thank the great support BBC West Midlands has given us in profiling prostate cancer on 2nd August 2016 throughout the day on their news outlets. Our team from Burton Hospital worked with Burton Albion FC in screening 111 men. We were surprised to find that 8 men had tested positive. Among those diagnosed Continue reading

Prostate Cancer Screening

We were not sure how it was going to go, but our campaign to raise awareness about prostate cancer in the community has been successful. It was a collaboration between Burton’s Queens Hospital and Burton Albion Football Club where the idea was to encourage as men over 50 years to have a prostate cancer screening. Continue reading