Prostate Cancer Awareness

Inspire Health are a series of campaigns I am passionate about in bringing awareness, profile and engagement in critical wellbeing related issues. 


Prostate Cancer Burton Albion FC Burton Hospital 27 03 2016 Paresh Solanki-8 900 x 600According to Prostate Cancer UK, men are dangerously ignorant of the prostate gland. It is the leading cause of cancer in men, with 40,000 diagnosed each year. A survey by the charity showed nearly one in five men did not even know they had a prostate and men were “blind” to the risk of cancer. Prostate Cancer UK CEO Angela Culhane, told BBC News website: “Men are very ignorant about prostate cancer, and it’s dangerous because it is actually the most common cancer in men.



Awareness Campaign of the Year (L-R) Richard Grovesnor from East Staffs Borough Council, Jyoti Shah, Rod Gent and Sarah Minns.

Working with Burton Albion Football Club, we at Burton Hospital set up an innovative scheme whereby screening volunteers in the familiar surroundings. To our surprise we had 111 men volunteering for the screening and as many we had to turn away due to time constraints. We found that eight men had cancer and one of the case studies has been widely profiled by the press including Burton Mail and the BBC.

The project won the ‘Awareness Campaign of the Year’ at the annual Burton Albion Community Trust Awards which took place at the Pirelli Stadium on Thursday 22 September 2016. With more and more men coming forward for check ups and with the help of media coverage, BBC One Show is producing a feature on the subject. 


Urology team from Burton Hospital at the Awards night. Top (L-R) Sarah Minns, Deb Price, Jan McDonagh, Alison Young , Jyoti Shah, Sue Lovelock. Bottom (L-R) Aimee Hassett, Kayleigh Marlow, Tyra Stevens, Cay Simpson.

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