Since childhood, I’ve had a passion for medicine. I wanted to learn everything about medicine. I wanted to be a doctor. To be accurate I wanted to be a surgeon.  It was only through the middle of my training, that I decided to specialise in urology.

On this path, my main objective has always been what is best for the patient. So the quest of any knowledge had to aid in my medical training and most important what life enhancing value it would have.

The information contained on this website is meant for anyone who would like to know about the urological aspects of medicine.  I will try to keep the language simple and easily understandable, but there will be areas, especially for information targeted to medical professionals, where for the sake of accuracy and succintness, medical lingo is necessary.

I hope that you find the information on this site useful and helps you at least give access to information and paths to other specific sites.

Thank you