I want to thank everyone for their support and good wishes when I received my MBE from His Majesty King Charles. 

I want to dedicate my MBE to my father-in-law (Bapuji), Harilal Javer Solanki, who sadly died on 27th October 2023.  When the news of my MBE became public, he was so proud of me. He was so looking forward to seeing me with His Majesty, the King.

Bapuji suffered from prostate cancer. I helped diagnose and treat his prostate cancer – we had built a special bond. Bapuji was always there to support me and attend our health campaigns. His strength and courage inspired me. His unconditional support fuelled my drive to work harder and do seva (service). May his onward journey be filled with peace, love, and light. I know his blessings will always be with me. 

Thank you to everyone. 


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