Consent Forms

Adrenalectomy (radical)

Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer



Cystectomy (radical) & Ileal Conduit (Female)

Cystectomy (radical) & Ileal Conduit (Male)

Cystectomy (radical) & Neobladder (Female)

Cystectomy (radical) & Neobladder (Male)

Cystoscopy & biopsy or stent removal

Cystoscopy & biopsy

Cystoscopy & bladder distension

Cystoscopy & clot evacuation

Cystoscopy & injection of bulking agent

Cystoscopy & optical urethrotomy

Cystoscopy & removal of bladder stone

Cystoscopy & retrograde study

Cystoscopy & stent insertion

Cystoscopy & urethral dilatation in men & biopsy if reqd

Cystoscopy & urethral dilatation in women & biopsy if reqd



Excision epididymal cyst

Freeing of preputial adhesions

Frenuloplasty Herniotomy

Hydrocele repair

Hypospadias repair

Ileal conduit formation

Laparoscopy (diagnostic)

Ligation of ppv (hydrocoele repair)

Meatal or urethral dilatation

Nephrectomy (partial)

Nephrectomy (radical)

Nephrectomy (simple)

Nephrolithotomy (open)

Nesbitts procedure

Orchidectomy (radical) & prosthesis insertion if reqd

Orchidectomy (simple) & prosthesis insertion if reqd

Orchidectomy (simple) Orchidopexy


Penile amputation (partial or complete)

Pyelolithotomy (open)

Pyeloplasty (open)


Resection of posterior urethral valves

Retropubic prostatectomy (Millins)

Scrotal exploration for suspected torsion SPC Insertion (cystostomy)

Testicular prosthesis insertion

Testis biopsy

TRUS & prostate biopsy

TURBT TURP (cancer)

TURP Ureterolithotomy (open)

Ureterolysis for RPF

Ureteroscopy & biopsy if reqd

Ureterosopcy & stone removal